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The ULTIMATE signature/ASCII document creator for windows

Update: (12 June, 2005)
I've recompiled, and repackaged the old to make a new.
Version 2005 is now available.
I wish to convert the code (very low prioriy). Helpers would be welcome. CVS page.
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This program is now licensed under the GNU GPL!

This program will help you create your own personalized signature quickly and easily. It includes a huge library of around 7,000 ascii art pictures! Quickly search through SigZag's ascii art libraries and place a picture into your sig. It also allows you to easily use 135 figlet fonts, and thousands of taglines. The fonts let you convert normal text into the multi-line representation of the characters.

Also included are the programs Sled and Sliver - Sled is SigZag's own Library Editor to let you create your own custom libraries to use/distribute. With SLED you are able to create libraries which will let you access any piece of art you choose instantly! Sliver is solely used to search through SigZag's ascii art libraries (which can be done in SigZag), so you can instantly copy a ascii art picture you want to the clipboard.

When you're trying to find art, you can also try looking in The Great Ascii Art Library for almost 10,000 ascii pictures. The ascii art pictures are in generic, searchable libraries designed especially to hold ascii art. Please remember that the art is copyrighted to their respective creator, and may not be used for commercial uses (without their explicit authorisation).

Selected in top downloads and editors' picks at SoftSeek!

For more links to programs for ascii art, as well as FAQ's and help files, check out the Links Page .

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Version 2005
For Windows.

New for June 2005.

If you have problems running it on older machines, older versions are still available.

Collection of Taglines (Zingers)
Version 1.0
3 Megabytes

This file contains maybe 200,000 or so of taglines, quotes, zingers, et cetera. Unzip these into SigZag's tagline directory.

This project accepts donations. This will go towards converting the old code source, and bringing out updates. Thank you.
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